Design and development

We realize the processes of designing and developing of products using the famous metodologies like, for instance, Agile, Kanban

Implementation and monetization

We connect the created solutions with the actual production sites and posess an unique experience in products' monetizing

Marketing strategies

We do not simply develop a product but create it with a marketing strategy in mind

Supporting and consulting

We have a lot of experience in legal issues and decrease legal risks at the early stages of product

We could be your guide into the world of digital technology develops its own projects, as well as projects for external customers within the scope of the laboratory’s activity.

A possibility of co-investment of our solutions

A possibility of developing and supporting your ideas of business transformation all the way through

Project management and anti-crisis management, creation of a new business model enabling you to expand geography outreach, find new clients and partners


Maxim Mishakov

Executive Director

Ruslan Popov

IT Director

Alina Krasavina


Andrew Primorski

Creative Director & CSO

Eugene Tarubarov

Business Analyst

Natalia Stepanova

Business Development Manager

Ivan Yunin

Marketing Consulting

Konstantin Leipi


19 Jun 2018

Pogo pins make it easy to flash IoT devices

Do you need to flash ESP8266 on the fly? More…

27 Nov 2017

Flashing Xiaomi camera

Two reboots and the camera becames to use WiFi and brings the Web interface with hack controls.

19 Feb 2017


This is our device. The extension board for Arduino Nano that allows to build 3D printer or CNC device using A4988 or DRV8825 step motor drivers.

23 May 2015

OLED board

For AmperKot we built the OLED module for two variants: for Arduino and STM32 boards.